About SPIETH America

For over 40 years, SPIETH America has been one of the most trusted gymnasium and sports equipment manufacturers in North America. Our product offering is an assortment of highly specialized gymnastics apparatus and mats, preschool/developmental equipment, sport mat surfaces, volleyball, and badminton systems. SPIETH America equipment can be found in gym clubs, YMCA’s, schools and various other organizations throughout North America and internationally, and at many local, national and international competitions. We support the US and Canadian Federations in order to continue developing the sport of gymnastics. Being a part of the ABEO Group enables us to continue to provide a best in class product assortment to our customers, while maintaining our commitment to excellence.


From the data gained from the research, SPIETH Anderson pioneered technological advancements in mat and floor production, incorporating superb shock absorption, orthopedic and rebound qualities to respond to the need to minimize injury and absorb impact while responsive to the challenges of creative performance.


The late Murray & Dolly Anderson partnered with SPIETH Gymnastics (Germany) to bring the Original Reuther designed apparatus to the North American market.

SPIETH Anderson begins manufacturing in Canada.

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1974 - 2010

Jeff Anderson, son of Murray and Dolly, joined SPIETH Anderson in 1974 and took over as president in the early 1980’s. In 1996 Jeff launched Dollamur Sport Surfaces in Fort Worth, Texas, followed by EZ Flex Sport Mats in 2010 to continue focusing on the development of lightweight mats.

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EZ Flex


Murray became focused on elevating equipment performance standards; building equipment that would safely allow gymnasts to push the limits of athletic performance.

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1982 - 1990

Throughout the 80's, SPIETH Anderson experienced significant growth, prompting additional factory expansion.
The original R&D program expanded with the purchase of a Hybrid 111 biomechanically based car crash dummy for precise, scientific simulation of injury during gymnastics. Used in test situations, it responds much like a human body.*

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Starting from gluing carpet to foam, S/A eventually became the first company in North America to use a revolutionary flame lamination process for mat construction in place of glue..

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SPIETH Anderson expands sales office in Fort Worth, TX.


SPIETH Anderson ends its partnership with SPIETH Holtztechnik in Germany and expands into its updated brand SA Sport. Murray Anderson retired as president after 29 years dedicated to the development of the sport of gymnastics in North America. Barb Anderson, daughter of Murray and Dolly, assumes the role of President, and continued her father’s vision.


SA Sport refreshes the company logo.


SA Sport is acquired by the ABEO Group and Barb Anderson retires.


SA Sport renews their FIG Partner status by obtaining 12 apparatus FIG Approved certificates.


With the addition of the JF Group to the ABEO Group, SA Sport was able to leverage our past “SPIETH” heritage and changes our company name to SPIETH America.


SPIETH America announces signing a partnership with 2x Olympian, Samuel Mikulak.


SPIETH America becomes the exclusive partner & manufacturer of the Simone Biles Signature line of training products.


SPIETH America, one of the most trusted names in gymnastics equipment, announces a historic ten year partnership with four-time all-around World Champion gymnast Simone Biles through 2028.


SPIETH Canada announces a partnership with Ellie Black to help promote the sport of [2017] Gymnastics in Canada and beyond. Ellie is best known for her gymnastics representing Canada on a world class stage with grace.


Bill Wild, fromer CEO of SPIETH America, heads new Abeo North America Organization as CEO with the acquisition of FunSpot Manufacturing.


Brent Poulsen the grandson of SPIETH Anderson founder, Murray & Dolly Anderson, and son of former CEO Barb Anderson, is named CEO of SPIETH America and SPIETH Canada.