Meet Equipment Rental & Gym Layout Services

Meet Equipment Rental

SPIETH America, in collaboration with partners across the US and Canada, is positioned to supply meets and invitationals with a full compliment of state of the art gymnastics equipment. Whether you need a single set-up, Capital Cup, or multiple venues, we can supply your event at very competitive rate with exceptional service!

  • Full Equipment Set for Women & Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Events
  • Single Event, Capital Cup or Multiple Venues
  • Experienced professionals on-site to oversee set-up and provide support during your event

Let us help you plan ahead for next year’s competitive season today! Contact us for more information or to request a quote.

Gym Equipment Layout Services

Get the most out of your gym space! Whether you are looking to open a new gym, expand your current one or redesign your existing space, we can help design the layout to maximize the space based on your needs for a nominal fee. The fee can be applied towards equipment purchased (minimum equipment purchase of $1,000).