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                    Equipment Lines Overview

Apparatus Collections

[colored grey or silver]

These items are produced in Germany and made to be a high performance piece that operates at FIG settings for the world stage. You will see this items in major international competition around the world. These items have all been FIG certified.


[colored red or black]

Designed and manufactured in North America for the needs to the North American gymnast. These items are built to be highly adjustable with a focus on performance and simple adjustability. These items are for meet settings and club use as they are able to accommodate many different athlete sizes and levels while still providing the highest level of performance. This line is used for competition and included in major meets that SPIETH America is providing equipment for.


Club Series
[colored blue]

These items are price point sensitive to help programs be able to provide quality gymnastics equipment at a lower cost. Designed by Spieth, the Club items are built to be simple and durable to provide clubs options that are more affordable option.



Premium Mats
[colored in various vinyl options]

Same great quality mats that you are used to from Spieth America. With reinforced stitching adding to the longevity to the mat as the weakest point is the stitch line. Proprietary vinyls allowing for custom color choices and durability to the mat. Multi-layered foam to our landing mats to provide safety, durability and comfort.


Club Series
[colored navy blue]

Designed to be a more affordable option made to the quality of the industry standard. Made with a 18oz vinyl cover available in dark blue.

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